Merge Dungeon – Merge Shields 2

Greetings travelers, and welcome back to our special look at Quantum Quest: Merge Dungeon.  When last we looked at the relic chambers in Merge Dungeon, we were looking at the last preview for the weapons that you could find in that game.  Now, we get to see some new shields from our set, including a few that are beginning to look a little exotic.

We start with some shields that show a little more embellishment on the front.  These are mostly square-shaped, although the first two have a slight downward angle at the bottom.  What you’ll see most of all, of course, is the spikes on the fronts of these shields.  From left to right we have: a sentinel shield, which could be used for guard in general, but in the Tellest universe might even exist for the soldiers of Sentinel; then we have a spiked shield, which is great if you’ve got the finesse to be able to use something like that; and then possibly something for our dwarves in universe, we have the battlerager shield.

Again, things just get a little more exotic from here, and in this case, we’re seeing some shields that are likely inspired by, if not used outright by the rhinotaur of Tellest.  Here we’ve got the lancer shield on the left, the tusker shield in the middle, and the dragoon shield on the right.  While the first two might be more inspired by rhinotaurs, it’s also very possible that the third is meant to be used in battle by dragonriders (whether they’re real dragonriders or just playing at them).  In any case, each of these shields is designed to allow its wielder to use a spear alongside it, attacking in the gaps that exist where they can.

And that is going to wrap us up on the Merge Dungeon front for quite a while.  We’ve still got every desire to try and return to this game when we can tick off a few wishlist items, but that might be a little ways off—it might even require a rerelease.  But in any case, we’ll let it breathe for now, and focus on other projects in the meantime.  Hope you liked seeing all this!

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.