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Greetings travelers, and welcome to another spectacular week in the Otherworld.  We’re going to be looking at the work of a very talented storyteller who we’ve worked with before, as he’s about to release the fifth book in a very popular LitRPG saga.  Read on to learn more about Aaron Renfroe’s Torn Shroud, the fifth book in the Resonance Cycle.

With over 2500 reviews, and an average that has reached 4.7 out of 5 stars in recent books, the Resonance Cycle has become known as one of the go-to LitRPG series for superfans.  And so, in Aaron Renfroe’s latest in the series, Torn Shroud, the author continues to refine his craft, and develops his characters into an even more catching and captivating cast.  Though the Resonance Cycle can be complex, Renfroe delivers everything with a stunning amount of passion, and works wonders at making everything stand out.  It’s insanity in only the best of its presentation, and the author wants nothing more than to take you on a ride you’ll not soon forget.

The Tournament of Scions has begun.

The time has come for Ty to attend the tournament of the Constellation Hierarchy. With all-new abilities, plus help from King Vudon’s own daughter, he will face the most elite scions on any world. His only hope of victory will be to rely on every trick and strange ability he’s obtained.

Under the veil of the tournament, the Monster god’s allies prepare for their most ambitious plan yet: to steal King Vudon’s throne. In a place between realities, where anything is possible, Ty won’t be content to let evil corrupt the Hierarchy.

But what can one Knight do to stop it?

Torn Shroud continues the second trilogy of the best-selling Resonance Cycle.

LitRPGs can feel like something that are easy to create, as there is usually a sort of template that they follow.  But it takes a master to truly elevate them, and Renfroe is one such aficionado.  As this is the fifth book in this series, it’s been ramped up a considerable amount, but it never feels out of place or unearned.  Instead, Renfroe finds careful balance with a few different storylines, blending everything together in the most delectable ways.  With this penultimate book in the cycle upon us, there’s never been a better time to dive into all the Resonance Cycle books.  Then, do be sure to come back here and check out Torn Shroud: The Resonance Cycle, Book 5 on Amazon today!

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