LitRPG Promo – Knight Unleashed: The Resonance Cycle, Book 6

Greetings, travelers.  We have spent a considerable amount of time in the worlds that Aaron Renfroe builds, thanks to how quickly he wraps up his stories, and how immersive they are when they’re presented to his throngs of fans.  Today, we’ve arrived at a monumental point in his timeline for his most popular series, The Resonance Cycle.  Read on to learn more about the penultimate release, Knight Unleashed.

With the release of Knight Unleashed: The Resonance Cycle, Book 6, author Aaron Renfroe is delivering for readers and fans in some very big ways.  LitRPGs can sometimes seem like a tough nut to crack as far as sweeping series go.  But Renfroe seems like he never misses a step, always knowing exactly what route he needs to take to elevate his storytelling, and to send his characters are quests and adventures that remain remarkable despite their growing power schemes.  Renfroe is as clever as his craftiest characters, and always builds toward exciting crescendos with each of these books.  With Knight Unleashed bringing up the second to last story in this epic series, it had a considerable weight on its shoulders.  But none would be wise to doubt Renfroe, who stuns with this second-to-last chapter.

Be unleashed, my Knight. They were warned before against crossing us and did not heed it. Teach them to fear you.

The Resonance is underway, and Ty has been captured.

After his incredible experiences at the Tournament of Scions, Ty is back on Earth. Surrounded by a literal army of enemy scions and monsters, the fate of all he’s built hangs in the balance.

The time has come for the Knight of the Wild to anneal his various and strange powers into something greater than the sum of their parts. If he cannot, it will mean the end of not one universe but three.

Dear Readers, the Resonance is well underway. In Knight Unleashed, our hero will face dragons, newborn gods, and much more. Hold onto your seats – you’re in for a wild ride.

As tensions rise higher than ever, the Resonance Cycle books prove that even those with supernatural abilities can be wounded.  If someone can bleed, they can be bled dry.  Despite all of Ty’s strengths, he isn’t invincible, and the author knows how to keep readers and fans guessing about what might come next.  And those threats are laid bare, promising what is to come next in this spectacular LitRPG series.  With the penultimate book in the series now done, there’s never been a better time to dive into Renfroe’s incredible LitRPG series.  Do yourself a favor and check out the first five books of the series.  Then, check out Knight Unleashed: The Resonance Cycle, Book 6 on Amazon today!
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