January-February Writing Prompt

UPDATE: We are going to tweak the rules a bit to make them friendlier to our aspiring writers who deserve to keep their work their own.  We’re also going to offer the $15 as a PayPal transfer instead of an Amazon gift card, as it is more convenient to some of our international friends.

Original Post:

Hello fantasy writers! Two months running, and still not a single submission from the outside world. But we’re not worried. Instead, what we’d like to do is up the ante even more.  The winner of this month’s submission will receive a $15 gift card to Amazon.

For Tellest’s writing prompt this month, we want to explore the darker side of things. In 1500 words or less, write a story for Tellest that is from a villain’s point of view. Again, we want to try to be as open to ideas as possible.  As such, the character doesn’t have to be human.  Feel free to let your creativity take wing!  We look forward to seeing your tales!  

Official Rules

  1. One Winner will be chosen on the 15th of the month following the start of the contest.
  2. By submitting your prompt, you agree that, if selected as the monthly winner, and you are using any established characters, locations or items from the Tellest series, you will be willing to sign an agreement to keep your work exclusive to Tellest and Tellest.com where failure to agree will exclude you from the monthly prize.
  3. Prize is $15 payable through PayPal.  Also includes a featured spot on the Tellest website for at least a month following the close of the monthly contest.
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