General description

Physical Appearance and Location

Hornroot is a brownish, fragile root that is said to look like the horn of a beast.  It can either look angular, like a rhinoceros horn, or spiraled, like that of a goat or a dragon.

Though it appears as though it would be an offshoot of a nearby tree, it can actually grow by itself in fields far from the giant sentinels.  Typically, it thrives in tall grass, but it is one of the more common roots that can be found just about anywhere.





For many years, hornroot has been used to combat muscle pain in those who ail from it.  Crushed into a fine powder, it is usually mixed with tea.  Though the scent of powdered hornroot is potent, it is said that the results are even more so.



Because of the volatility of its nature, hornroot is often used as a proponent of destructive or explosive magics.  Specifically, it can be used in rupturing other spell components as a catalyst.

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