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This morning, I was able to finish another chapter before I started my daily work routine.  There’s a calm in the hours before the sun comes up that I utilize best, I think.  I can get lost in my thoughts, and write for an hour without even realizing it.

We’re coming down to the last three chapters or so.  All that I’ve been writing so far has been leading me to two of the biggest scenes since I started writing.  While the chapters leading up to this moment have gone quickly, I have no doubts that these last couple will take a long time.  There’s a coming together of the ensemble that requires a lot of detail, and a lot of respect to each of the characters.

Speaking of coming together and ensembles, I’ve been working on putting together a team for the game, and it has been such a new experience for me.  I have certain leadership qualities deep within me that I’ve never truly explored.  Because of this project, however, they’re coming out in full force.  When you’re dealing with an intellectual property, you want to give it the best treatment that it can get.  That means you’re not rushing into things just to get them done.  You’re trying to find the best people for the job, the best synergy between your team, all while trying to balance a modest budget.

I’m not the kind of person who has ever been very good at haggling.  You’ll never see me at a store trying to talk a cashier down for a piece of furniture, or the newest gadget.  It would even be a miracle to see me trying to talk down a car salesman.  I think he’d almost be offended by my nonchalant approach.

As it pertains to this game though, I’m being as frugal as I’ve ever been.  I know that I’m going to need all the money I can get to make it more robust and aesthetically pleasing.  That’s one of the reasons selecting this team is so interesting, and, at the same time, so terrifying.

While I’ve pretty much settled on an artist, the musicians are another breed entirely.  I know what I want my game to look like.  I’ve got an image in my head that has been in there since day one.  For whatever reason though, the sounds are a little less concrete.  Music is just as important as what you’re seeing though.  A catchy song in a game can mean the difference between your project being just another in a sea of similar games, or a breakout title that everyone has to get their hands on.

To top off the struggle of finding music, I’m not tasked with deciding what musician to go with.  I’m quite surprised at how many candidates have come forward in such a short time.  While it’s intriguing to have all this potential talent clamoring for a project I’m working on, it’s also a very daunting request of myself.  I know that some people are going to be denied, and that’s another thing that I’m no good at.

As I said before, however, the project deserves my utmost respect.  I have to give it every chance to thrive, and that’s what’s driving me forward.  I’m learning these new things as I go.  Hopefully I’ll become more comfortable with the ins and outs of this project sooner, rather than later.

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