Heart of Ariyas


How it was Acquired

During Michael Kreegan’s first visit to the city of Atalatha, the festivities for Alicia Mane’s birthday party were in place.  A contest had been set in motion in one of the fairgrounds, wherein brave men could attempt to make their way through an obstacle course without being knocked down.

Despite the dangers, Michael snuck into the obstacle course, and managed to win, against all odds.  The man who had organized the obstacle course was offering up a ruby encrusted, silver pendant that was shaped like a heart.  When he attempted to keep the pendant from Michael, his family and a stranger, Stephen Caista, fought for his right to it.

Later that night, upon meeting with Alicia Mane, he gave her the item, which had been dubbed the Heart of Ariyas.



The Heart of Ariyas bestows mystical powers upon its wielder.  Both clerical and fire magic seems to be readily available to whoever wears it.


Early Events

Over a decade after Alicia was given the Heart of Ariyas as a gift from Michael Kreegan, she attempted to visit him at an inn, The Centurion, following another contest he had taken part in.  When he did not arrive, she planned on leaving.  Brigands assaulted the inn, however, and she was forced to defend herself.

With the powers of the necklace, she was able to thwart her aggressors.  Unfortunately, the fire magic that she cast resulted in the complete destruction of the inn, along with the inhabitants inside, including its owner, Peyton Garus.

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