Fe’Pavi – A Love that Won’t Wait

Bonus Scene
Fe’Pavi – A Love that Won’t Wait



She rubbed her furry brow, feeling the warmth that emanated from there.  While Fe’Pavi knew that there were likely to be some side effects from traveling through space and time—on account of Nyrshia’s tunneling portal—she opined that it might have been something else she felt.

The kaja turned, still feeling the touch of Benton’s head pressed against hers.  All it would have taken was a closer lean in, and it would have been their lips touching instead.

But the portal was already gone.

Not to be deterred, Fe’Pavi brought her hand to her head once more, resting her fingers upon the warmth that she still felt present there.  Benton wasn’t a fleeting feeling on her brow, but an indelible mark upon her heart.  The fright of being in the dungeon had unlocked the part of both versions of them that had been lured there, but there was always something that existed beneath the surface as well.

Tired of pushing it down or ignoring it, Fe’Pavi nodded to herself, and pointed herself back to her camp.

The sun was already gone, and she scoffed, surprised that anywhere could feel darker than the dungeon she’d escaped.  Yet there, in the distance, she saw a light, like a beacon leading her home.

She pulled her dagger from her belt and unraveled the bola that she kept on the opposite side.  As she reached the clearing, she tossed both to the ground.

The camp had grown quiet earlier in the night, with both Pomir and Ste’Narl in their sleeping bags.  Benton stood with his back to the forest, his sword thrust into the ground.  He knew better than that, Fe’Pavi knew, but he often did such things when it was his turn to stand watch.  There was more than one time when Fe’Pavi had woken up for her shift only to find him leaning forward into his large weapon, succumbing to fatigue of his own.

But when Fe’Pavi crunched onto their perimeter of dried leaves, Benton reflexively turned his head.  Once he realized that it was a friend who approached, he stood, leaving his sword embedded in the ground.

“There you are,” Benton whispered.  “How did the scouting mission go?  Did you find anything interesting?”

“More than you know,” the kaja muttered.

“Hmm?” Benton pressed.  “What was that?  Is there anything we should know about?”

Fe’Pavi stared at Benton for a time, locking her gaze to his.  Where before she might have broken off her glance when they made prolonged eye contact, she kept to it then.  Rather, she stepped forward, a bit closer than she may have in the past.

“Perhaps it’s something you already know, and we just haven’t talked about it yet,” the kaja said.  She reached out and grabbed hold of Benton’s hand.

“Fee?” the knight asked, a touch of nerves sending a tiny crack through his voice.

She wasn’t sure if she saw anticipation or anxiety in his countenance then, and she let his hand slip from hers.  But when she detected a hint of disappointment in the way he looked at her then, she decided to forego any further caution.

Fe’Pavi reached up, careful not to dig her claws into Benton’s skin as she cradled his face, as she pulled him in for a sensual kiss.

Though he was shocked at first, the knight returned the gesture, wrapping his companion in a close embrace.

Together, the two found comfort in the feelings that they’d repressed for far too long.

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