Fantasy Promo – Winter’s Crossing: A Golden Fates Novel

Howdy folks!  It’s a busy time of the year, so you’re probably running around looking for gifts to get your loved ones.  Well, today we’re going to be showing you one thing that makes a nice digital stocking stuffer, even if you’re just trying to treat yourself.  If you’ve been looking for a great fantasy, this recent release will be worth looking at.  Read on to find out more about Winter’s Crossing.

Katie Macey, the author of Winter’s Crossing: A Golden Fates Novel, loves all things flowery and sparkly.  It’s fitting, because there is certainly a distinctive shine and beauty here in her first feature length fantasy.  Her characters are the main focus here, with dynamic personalities, delightful senses of humor and a yearning for adventure.  Just as impressive, however, is the world that Macey is building, as this first Golden Fates novel shows a willingness to explore fascinating locales and hidden nooks and crannies.

Rumors are rampant.

The High King is dying.

Change is coming to Gutheacia…

Reaching the cliff-side temple of stained-glass isn’t easy, but Niamh is determined that even shipwreck won’t stop her. She must take her vows as a priestess, or her sisters will be banished by the court. Journeying across Gutheacia the long way isn’t what Niamh wanted…even if she is joined by new friends and a boy who could be more♥

But the further Niamh travels, the more lies she uncovers.

Saving her sisters was all that mattered to Niamh, but the hidden history of Gutheacia, and her own origins, threaten everything Niamh knows and loves. Then there’s the rumors about the mysterious heir to throne…

Can Niamh find the truth and master ancient magic in time to save her sisters?

Winter’s Crossing is a lovely blend of sparkle and surprise.  It’s a journey that readers won’t soon forget.  If you’re looking for the start of a great fantasy series, this is the book for you.  It’s got majesty and spectacle, mystery and thrills.  Macey’s work is sure to be something you’ll enjoy.  Check out Winter’s Crossing: A Golden Fates Novel on Amazon today!

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