Sigil Art – Jecraskia

Greetings, travelers!  We are once again looking at a sigil from the world of Tellest today.

Today’s sigil is a bit different than the ones you would normally see from us.  They’re typically a bit more extravagant with a touch of modernism, but Jecraskia is probably the most classically medieval we’ve ever brought our design.  That’s because that city is run by rhinotaurs, and a classic pattern, pily, worked out very well for them.  The pily pattern in this case represents an army of rhinotaur horns, and we just thought that was a clever, novel idea.  It’s simple, but it almost has a bit of elegance to it.

Though Jecraskia isn’t a very old city, its inhabitants are not exactly known for being fleet of foot—and they’re rather heavy-handed as well.  This means that, despite the relative young age of the city, plenty of its symbolism has eroded beneath each of the steps of its people.  It’s not easy to replicate the sigil either, simple as it is.  The rhinotaurs don’t often have a sense of fine, small details.  It might even be that in some cases they’ve recruited outside of their own race to draw up their sigils in special places.

While it’s often dangerous for a rhinotaur to find themselves around deeper water, Jercraskia has its fair share of pilgrims and crusaders who have originated from its walls.  Sometimes they would hang the sigil from the mast, but other times they would simply find their way atop a banner carrier’s pole.  There are also a multitude of ways that they celebrate their gods, and that includes melding the design of Jecraskia with the various ones that represent their deities.

We talked earlier about the ways that a painted version of the Jecraskia sigil might end up, and this is one way that a potentially talented rhinotaur might be able to bring the pily pattern to life.  All those battered floors and walls might end up having a painter on duty constantly working to refresh what looks old and weathered.  As the borders of Jecraskia grows, they might need more time to pull it all together!

As always, we leave you with one final picture: the phone background.  I hope you enjoy it!

In a few more weeks, we’ll be back with another sigil from the world of Tellest.  There are plenty more loaded up, and we’ll be looking to show them all off, so be sure to check back often!

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