Fantasy Promo – The Elven Witch (Children of the Elven King, Part 2)

Greetings travelers, and welcome to our latest stop in the Otherworld.  We’re going to be stepping into the second book in an epic fantasy series today, and it’s one that is bound to amaze and excite, especially if you’re a someone who loves reading about the fairer race doing incredible things.  Read on to learn more about The Elven Witch.

Author Helene Krejsager has honed her considerable talents throughout the years, and brings the sophomore tale of her Children of the Elven King series to light with The Elven Witch.  There is a level of devotion that the writer has for her craft, and it is visible in the interesting characters, the rich and vast world, and the shadows around every corner that Krejsager leads her readership toward.  Her vivid imagination translates well into an immersive tale, ensuring that every step of the way, the audience feels like a part of the adventure, spending time with the characters instead of just watching them through a distant lens.

Years after the war in the Woods of Ladia the kingdom is finally at peace under the young king. Yet troublesome news reaches the borders of Anial and Arram decides to leave the safety of the kingdom of the elves to secure peace and prevent the risk of the elves and lifeans entering yet another war. However, Arram soon learns that a war is not all they are risking; he may risk losing everything he holds dear even without a war…

The Elven Witch is the second part of the series ‘The Children of the Elven King’ and a sequel to ‘The Queen’s Messenger’.

Krejsager keeps her audience at attention, ensuring they’re always waiting for the next surprise or reveal.  But even when it comes to witnessing the banter between her characters, readers are bound to have a good time.  It’s a fun excursion, and it will stick with readers after they partake of it.  With a third book nearly upon us, there’s never been a better time to dive into Krejsager’s wonderful fantasy world.  Check out The Elven Witch (Children of the Elven King, Part 2) on Amazon today!  You can pick up the first book here, if you’re interested!

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