Fantasy Promo – Prelude to After The Hero: A Curious Tale (The Curious Tale Book 0)

Greetings travelers, and welcome to our second promotion of the week.  We’re taking a step into a new series today that is headlined by a passionate and driven storyteller, and it’s definitely going to be something you’ll want to keep on your radar.  Get ready for the Prelude to After The Hero: A Curious Tale.

Josh Fredman, perhaps better known regarding his books as The Sinistral, allows readers a step into his world in the first of many of his stories to be ready for mass consumption, Prelude to After The Hero: A Curious Tale (The Curious Tale Book 0).  In it, the audience is introduced to wonderful worldbuilding, as the realm of Gala feels fresh and unique.  The Sinistral puts great effort into eliminating the feeling of tired tropes, instead giving The Curious Tale a dynamic presence, with characters that are not merely heroes and villains, but people with vast driving forces and goals behind them.  Indeed, everyone feels like they have a place—not as if on a stage, but as a living, breathing part of the world.

Here told is the tale of the night the Hero fell, the night that Galavar and his Guard set in motion the fate of the world: the Prelude to After The Hero.

After The Hero itself tells the tale of Galavar, the ambitious stranger from the desert, who sets out to fulfill his life’s dream of ruling the world of Relance—not to plunder it, but to lift up civilization into something finer. Can such a thing be done? Can such a dream be made real without becoming a nightmare? Much of the answer rests in the care of the left-handed Silence Terlais, a Guard of Galavar and the person most responsible for achieving their shared ambition.

Helping Galavar and Silence are many other extraordinary people from the realm of Gala. Yet no such story could ever be complete without also telling of the lives of the people of Relance themselves, the people who would become Galan.

The Curious Tale, of which After The Hero is the central part, is a collection of stories that explore the nature of power and the wonder of living and dying. Here in the lush world of Relance you will find journeys of persuasion, and acts of wild creation, all told with an aggressive love of language.

The Sinistral doesn’t just write a world, but invites others to be a part of it.  It’s complex and multilayered, but it is also elegant.  Tremendous forethought went into the story and the prose, and it’s that care that grabs readers by the hand and gently whisks them forward, rather than stringing them along.  The audience is meant to coalesce into the world that’s been built, instead of watch as it passes by.  It’s enthralling, and considering this story is just one part of The Sinistral’s mighty chronology, it’s a lovely first stop.  It will also likely earn readers a new favorite author to pay attention to.  Check out Prelude to After The Hero: A Curious Tale (The Curious Tale Book 0) on Amazon today!

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