Fantasy Promo – Empire of Blood and Darkness

Hello fantasy fans, and welcome to our final stop in the Otherworld this week, just in time for a long weekend.  It’s one you’re certain to enjoy if you pick up today’s featured book, because it is chock full of goodness.  Read on to learn more about Empire of Blood and Darkness.

Readers who like their worlds rich in lore, with an expansive, lived-in feel will be right at home with author Travis Yardley, who wears his passion for his world on his sleeve.  Indeed, in Empire of Blood and Darkness, Yardley dives deep into races, language, history and legends.  Though the book is a sturdy one, and delivers its premise with poise and precision, you can tell that by design you’ve only just barely scratched the surface of what Yardley has created.  As much as the story is one that is interesting and keeps you ensnared throughout, you can tell that it is also an engine with which to drive the rest of the world forward, and uncover more of its secrets.

Praise given where it is due, Yardley’s story is a strong one on its own merits.  Even if it didn’t have the backing of a new world realized by an expert craftsman, if you had dropped Alexander and his companions into another universe, it still would have been enjoyable to follow him and learn the sort of things that were integral to his character growth.  This is thanks to Yardley’s devotion to his writing, and all that grows out of it.  If you’re looking for a great coming-of-age fantasy set in a lively world, this should be on your radar.  Check out Empire of Blood and Darkness on Amazon today!
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