Fantasy Promo – Creation I – Tales of Goodly Might

A good day to you and yours.  We have one last promo to feature before the end of the year, and it’s fitting that it’s for the latest anthology of our good friend Eric K. Barnum.  We’ve seen plenty of his books over the years, and plenty this year in particular.  He’s been hard at work delivering novellas that set the stage of his Forsaken Isles universe.  Now, for the first time, you can get them all in one place.

Creation I – Tales of Goodly Might bundles the four novellas that released since March.  The Healer’s Making, The Temple of the Golden Serpent, The Blue Sun Staff and Everyday Angels are fantastic reads on their own, and they’re even better as part of this collection.  Not only are they entertaining reads, but they help you understand the mechanics and lore of Barnum’s impressive world.

Enter the Forsaken Isles, where gods and magic move through the world. Join the struggle of Good and Evil as seen through four stories of heroes standing against warp and evil. Which hero will capture your heart and pull you into this world of fiery imagination? The corrupted anti-paladin drowning in blood who at last attains a hope of redemption is the first story. Discovery of a hell lord’s religion adorned in the symbols of heaven is another. Perhaps, the story of a young knight’s attempt to defy the elder gods will capture you. Or, the angels of Heaven and their friendship with paladins will sway you into the sunlight?

Each story shows the world through a noble god and another in opposition. Whether it is the light or the dark that stirs your soul, Creation I – Tales of Goodly Might is a fast-paced vignette of adventure, action, and mighty deeds!

We’ve showcased Barnum’s work many times before, including the novellas in this set.  There’s good reason for that as well: the author is one of the best and brightest in the genre, and he has a passion for his world that you don’t see to this level too often.  His lore is tremendous, his world-building is vast and his prose is perfectly balanced—not too dry and not too flowery.  If you want to get a lot of bang for your buck, and you’re interested in seeing what Barnum is capable of, there’s perhaps no better ebook suited for you than Creation I – Tales of Goodly MightCheck it out on Amazon today!

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