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Howdy folks!  We’re back again with another awesome tale from the Otherworld.  It has been non-stop goodness as we line up one excellent storyteller after another, and today we have, yet again, one more treat for you.

Jon Franklyn’s The Carbynarah Chronicles has hit the number one spots in several of Amazon’s kindle categories, and it has a near perfect 4.9 out of 5 stars.  It’s massive, it’s epic, and it’s incredibly affordable at only 99 cents.  You’ll be hooked right from the beginning, too, because the world seems so distant yet so familiar—you want to read on to discover all its secrets.  Franklyn weaves his characters’ stories into the grand tapestry of his world with impressive skill as well, and you’ll find the book hard to put down.

Enter a world of fantasy and magic …
The Carbynarah Chronicles – a new Amazon bestseller

From the pen of author Jon Franklyn, comes an epic tale of two opposing factions locked in a bitter conflict that has waged since the beginning of time.

The Carbynarah Chronicles takes the reader on an epic tale of magic, swords, and sorcery as the battle for the very soul of this magical realm unfolds. With a cast of unforgettable characters, perfectly paced adventures, and epic battles, The Carbynarah Chronicles delivers a world that leaves the reader desperate for more.

Prepare for an epic journey of fantasy, swords, and a battle for a world of unsurpassed magic.

Having reached the #1 spot on Amazon in several categories and across several countries, The Carbynarah Chronicles is delighting readers with its epic tale of magic wielders and an ending that blows everyone away. Aimed at the entire family, The Carbynarah Chronicles is destined to become a classic, in science fiction and fantasy, that will capture the imagination of all generations.

Thank you for reading! We can’t wait for you to discover the incredible world of Carbynarah.

As previously said, this book is going to be a hard one to pass up on.  Massive in scale but surprisingly affordable, The Carbynarah Chronicles is going to pick up loads of steam and put Jon Franklyn on many a fantasy fan’s radar.  And if Franklyn keeps up his incredible writing, we’ll have a new world that we’ll be excited to return to again and again.  Check out The Carbynarah Chronicles on Amazon today!

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