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Hello everyone!  Last week, we let you know about an awesome new fantasy tale that’s recently come out, and today we’re poised to remind you of it.  The Carbynarah Chronicles by Jon Franklyn bears repeating!  The book came out in October, but it’s starting to pick up steam and catch everybody by surprise.  As it ascends the ranks on Amazon, it felt like a great time to bring it to the attention of the Tellest readership once again.

Hitting number one in a category on Amazon is no easy feat, and maintaining it is even harder.  There are always dips when other new books come out, but Franklyn’s epic novel is swinging back into the top 100.  At over 600 pages, and only 99 cents, it’s no wonder it’s performing so well.  There’s tremendous value here in this story, and you’ll be hooked before you’re anywhere near the end.  In fact, you’ll find yourself itching for more beyond The Carbynarah Chronicles before you’ve even hit the back cover.  Franklyn surely has to start working on follow-up material soon!  Read on to see what makes this tale tick.

Enter a world of fantasy and magic …
The Carbynarah Chronicles – a new Amazon bestseller

From the pen of author Jon Franklyn, comes an epic tale of two opposing factions locked in a bitter conflict that has waged since the beginning of time.

The Carbynarah Chronicles takes the reader on an epic tale of magic, swords, and sorcery as the battle for the very soul of this magical realm unfolds. With a cast of unforgettable characters, perfectly paced adventures, and epic battles, The Carbynarah Chronicles delivers a world that leaves the reader desperate for more.

Prepare for an epic journey of fantasy, swords, and a battle for a world of unsurpassed magic.

Having reached the #1 spot on Amazon in several categories and across several countries, The Carbynarah Chronicles is delighting readers with its epic tale of magic wielders and an ending that blows everyone away. Aimed at the entire family, The Carbynarah Chronicles is destined to become a classic, in science fiction and fantasy, that will capture the imagination of all generations.

Thank you for reading! We can’t wait for you to discover the incredible world of Carbynarah.

Once more, it’s important to note the incredible value that comes from this book.  At 99 cents, and 600 pages deep, you’re getting entertainment that will last you longer than several movies, all for the cost of a cup of coffee.  What’s not to like?  Best of all, you’ll have a new author to add to your list of favorites.  Check out Jon Franklyn’s The Carbynarah Chronicles on Amazon today!

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