Fantasy Promo – By the Sea: A tale of Liamec

Howdy folks.  We’ve been spending a lot of time over these last few weeks exploring new worlds, the universe, and beyond.  But sometimes, it’s nice to return to those places you know, to rediscover old favorites, and to discover what’s new.  I’m happy to bring you back to J. Steven Lamperti’s Liamec, with his latest fantasy, By the Sea: A tale of Liamec.

Steven Lamperti’s literary universe of Liamec is a constant joy to wade through, as each tale is so different, yet they’re all connected by a clear passion for writing and storytelling.  Lamperti’s latest, By the Sea: A tale of Liamec, shares in these qualities, and is sure to soon be one of your favorite coming-of-age fantasies.  It explores a charming heroine’s experience growing up in a world where the unexpected can happen.  Lamperti develops her expertly, as well as the world in which she lives.  He also delivers it in a kind of whimsy that you won’t forget, and it helps to urge you on from one chapter to the next like lightning.

“A must-read.” Liliyana Shadowlyn, The Faerie Review

A little medieval fishing village which worships Poseidon, a young girl with a dark memory, a mysterious young nobleman who comes riding into town on a white stallion. What brings these three things together?

J. Steven Lamperti is fast becoming an Otherworld favorite here at Tellest.  His enchanting tales stick with you for a long time, exploring farther reaches of fantasy than you might expect.  The latest Liamec story is another breath of fresh air, and a great release from Lamperti.  If you’re looking for something charming that you’ll want to read through in one sitting, this is the book for you.  Check out By the Sea: A tale of Liamec on Amazon today!

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