Fantasy Anthology Promo – Open Your Eyes: 5 Stories of Original Fantasy & Science Fiction

Greetings travelers.  I hope you’re ready for another visit to the Otherworld today.  We’ve got what almost ends up being an archipelago of stops to make, as we’re looking at a wonderful short story collection of fantasy and science fiction to dive into.  Read on in order to Open Your Eyes.

Author Frank Dunne has a vast imagination, and his stories have an air of authenticity and originality.  In Open Your Eyes: 5 Stories of Original Fantasy & Science Fiction, Dunne entertains readers with tales the likes of which will feel fresh and captivating.  The prose within the stories are poetic without being flowery, and the pace is consistent and deliberate in its cadence.  Dunne is an adept wordsmith.  His worlds and tales are varied as well, demonstrating his strong craft across the board.

Enter into an angelic battle in another universe where our own heavenly warriors are called upon to help. From there, join the fight against the earthly Lakota demon, Unktehila, and then another against the Jersey Devil. Next, what was the connection between Jesus and extraterrestrial visitors? Finally, take a trip to Tau Ceti and attend a crazy, screwball interstellar wedding. All things are possible.

At the end of this quintet of stories, you’ll no doubt be itching for more.  Varied and distinct enough, each of them is catching and compelling.  And though they end precisely when they mean to, you’ll no doubt have zipped through them.  If these short stories sound appealing to you, there’s no better time than now to pick up Dunne’s wonderful little anthology.  Check out Open Your Eyes: 5 Stories of Original Fantasy & Science Fiction on Amazon today!

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