D&D Character Art – Megit

Howdy folks, and welcome back to another art piece featuring one of the heroes that makes up Cora’s Champions (and friends).  Today we’re looking at the stalwart-yet-tortured Megit, a paladin who is on the cusp of losing their faith.  We once again collaborated with Valence to bring the character to life, having used a portrait that we’d used earlier through another artist, Lunarvvrens.

Lance started us off with a pretty basic sketch.  We wanted to show off the equipment that Megit uses, so you can see some vague shape of his hammer, and his shield here.

We put a bit more polish on the sketch next, and you could see that Megit is a paladin who has a tremendous force at hand when it comes to his equipment and his armor.  The shield is plenty big, the hammer is hefty, and his armor looks mighty heavy.  It should be nothing for a warrior of conviction to handle, but he’s doing a good job with it, it seems.

Valence actually gave us a third sketch, because he wanted to make sure that our symbols and sigils were presented effectively.  That’s because, as a force of one of the gods of Tellest, Megit needed to wear his faith quite literally on his chest.  He also has it emblazoned on his shield.  The Tellestian god Animus is represented by the tree of life, which you’ll see in this sketch on both of those pieces of gear.

With our first splash of color, we also get a bit of polish, which really helps to sell you on where exactly this piece was going.  Megit is a towering force, and now having moved beyond the sketch phase, you can see the fierce gaze that he maintains.  Truly, this paladin is almost always one of the first to enter the fray.  Dave plays him so well, and is always a quintessential force in bringing the roleplaying elements of the game to the forefront.

And here we have the final look at our mighty paladin.  Though he’s questioning his faith, you’d never see that internal struggle from here in the artwork.  With a bit of shine and shadow, Valence brings this character to life in a way befitting of our player, and we could not be happier with how it turned out.

As of this writing we are finally in the planning stages of trying to get the Cora’s Champions campaign back in order.  It has been a long time because of the pandemic, but we’re ready to roll dice again, and I have been working my butt off to get plenty of things prepared for a glorious return.  Stay tuned, and we’ll have more to show before you know it!

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.