D&D Character Art – Grohl

Greetings travelers!  Today we’re going to be looking at another one of Cora’s Champions.  Grohl the orc was one of our first champions who did not appear with the rest of the group in the jail of the Forgotten Keep, but he’s since become an integral part of the group.  Grohl is one of the most inquisitive of the bunch, often partaking in the puzzles of the group a bit more earnestly.

Valence started us off with a couple of basic sketches to get the shape right, and get a roundabout idea of what Grohl’s equipment would be.  We had only seen his head before, so we didn’t really have the greatest idea of how the final piece would look, but you’ll notice that even in the second rough sketch, we could still see the orc cleric’s glasses!

This next step was another relatively iterative step on our way to finalizing Grohl’s look.  There weren’t too many changes here, but you’ll notice one of the two avenues we could go down was a little more flowy than the other.

Ultimately, we ended up going with the less billowy of the two options, just because it’s hard being an adventure when your robe gets stuck in stuff all the time.  After that, Valence moved us toward more detailed measures.  Our initial look at Grohl was him in his early college days, when he moonlighted as a model.

In all honesty, it was just that as Valence was working on new iterations of the character, he started looking as though he was aging up.  Sometimes that’s just the way it happens, and it ended up being a cool experience here.  In the next version of Grohl, you can see he seems more focused on his books, and his hair looks a little less “frosted tip” than before.

Then in our final version of the artwork, you can see that we lightened the hair again, and he seemed to age up even more.  That’s probably in tandem with the added glasses, of course.

Well, that about wraps us up for this look at the character.  We still have more D&D stuff to show you, but in the meantime, don’t forget that we’re releasing Tellest brand battlemaps these days.  You can find beautiful jumbo-sized game pad versions on the Tellest Etsy, or if you just want a digital version, you can find those on our Patreon.

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