D&D Character Art – Alexander

Greetings travelers, and welcome to our new look at one of our D&D characters!  Today we’re going to be looking at Alexander.  He’s got a last name that I can’t possibly spell correctly, because he comes from the city of Versali-Virai, which is a sort of blend of Indo-French.  Alexander is our second-newest character, but he’s definitely grown into his own as a member of the team, and I’m excited to see him continue to grow, and for you to see his new artwork!

We start off with a few sketches, from general pen strokes to a bit more line art and finally a general idea of what his face will look like.

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The next image that Valence got us was one that was full color, and had a tremendous amount of polish on it.  At this point, Alexander practically looked like a Disney character.  You can see that he was presented as the rogue he is, with his hood up, and with blades at hand.

Our penultimate version of the image takes things a step further, putting some shine on the armor pieces.  Ultimately we knew we had to change a few things, so we stepped some of them back, but we loved Valence’s ideas, and it was so hard to step back from this look!

Luckily, the final look at Alexander isn’t too far from the earlier concept, and it just dials up the awesome to 11.  There’s plenty more polish in place, from the cloth portions of the garment, to the arm guards, and even the blades.

That completes our look at Alexander, but we still have one more character to show off that Valence sent our way, and then after that, we’ve got plenty of other ideas that we’re trying to work with him for.  Cross your fingers for us!

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