Dark Fantasy Promo – The Man Behind The Light: Illuminating Darkness

Folks, dark fantasy horror is apparently very possible at the end of March, and we have another spectacular story to send your way through the Otherworld.  If you’re interested in a completed story—a bite-sized treat—this novella could be right up your alley.  Read on to learn more about The Man Behind The Light.

There is a certain poetry within the work of author 3Mind Blight that you see between the darker moments of his latest story, The Man Behind The Light: Illuminating Darkness.  It gives the dark tale extra gravitas, and helps to offset the shadowy moments and horrifying actions that punctuate each twist and turn.  The Man Behind the Light moves with a particular cadence.  3Mind Blight knows how to set the pace, and makes his two lead characters volley back and forth with an interesting sort of communication.  It’s easy to want to continue along, and watch how more of this poor fellow’s life will unravel.

In a world where dreams become reality, a haunting tale unfolds—throughout time and into the divine.

A young boy, tormented by his past, flees from a perilous present and a menacing presence. As he struggles to escape, he faces a daunting challenge:

Can he withstand the test of time and rise to the occasion to save humanity from an ancient evil?

Or will he succumb to the darkness within and be forever lost in his own psyche?

This is the story of The Man Behind the Light, written by 3Mind Blight. 10k word Novella.

Despite a breezy word count, there is considerable depth to 3Mind Blight’s story.  It doesn’t move unnecessarily quickly from point to point, ensuring that the reader gets a real sense of what transpires from chapter to chapter.  Conversely, nothing feels superfluous either, the story never lingering in one spot beyond its welcome.  Eventually, however, the pace leads the reader to incredible scenes, and eventually, an ending that will have fans hungry for more.  As this is only the first of three stories that will tell the overall narrative, there is still more darkness in store for readers who are eager to see what comes next.  There’s never been a better time to dive into 3Mind Blight’s work.  Check out The Man Behind The Light: Illuminating Darkness on Amazon today!

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