Dark Fantasy Promo – Final Ruin: A Dark Humor Urban Fantasy Supernatural Adventure (The Judas Files Book 5)

Welcome Otherworld travelers to our first promo of the week!  We’ll be starting off the week with a bang, because we’ve got an incredible completed five-book series that’s looking to knock your socks off, especially if you like your darker fantasies to have a bit of humor to them.  Read on to learn more about The Judas Files, and Final Ruin.

Author C.G. Harris has achieved a great success in completing an addictive five-book urban fantasy that grips readers and doesn’t let them go. In Final Ruin (The Judas Files Book 5), Harris continues delivering humorous and snarky characters that rope you in and keep you enthralled with the book and the greater series.  Harris excels at creating captivating characters, wonderful dialog, and edgy happenings without being too over the top and delivers on a version of hell that is fun to spend time in, despite all the fire and brimstone you might be prepared for.

Ancient Relics, Forbidden Mantels and Death … A perfect day to call in sick at The Judas Agency…

Alex has her hands full with a Freshborn Gabe. His memories are gone and his squeamish demeanor has her wanting to shove him back into the Sulfur Pools.

Gabe questions whether or not he is better off without his memories when a secret about Alex is uncovered putting their partnership at risk.

If that wasn’t complicated enough. Gabe must make a choice. Go against the direct orders of Judas and risk losing himself to powers so dark Heaven and Hell combined cannot stand against them, or listen to Judas and refuse to interfere in the evil destruction raging across the Earth. Either way it’s a no-win, no-win situation.

If you like snarky characters and dark humor, then you’ll love Final Ruin, the fifth and final book in the action-packed Judas Files urban fantasy series. Series now complete!

Though The Judas Files is a dark fantasy series, it shines a light in some places, ensuring readers will have a smile on their faces, even without the humor that Harris is great at including in stories.  Fantasy fans who love worldbuilding will also find a lot to enjoy here, because it is rich and immersive, and full of details they’ll love to read about.  With this final book in the quintet now available, there’s never been a better time to enjoy the series.  Check out Final Ruin: A Dark Humor Urban Fantasy Supernatural Adventure (The Judas Files Book 5) on Amazon today!

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