Concept Art – Devlin’s Helmet and the Mythril Spear

Hey there folks!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are eager to start a great New Year with 2018.  We’ve been showing off a lot of character art, but it’s time to turn around and show off some more of the awesome artifacts from the world of Tellest today.

First up, we have a headpiece from one of our exclusive newsletter short stories.

Devlin is a character that we introduced in Hunters, a story you can only read (for now) if you subscribe to the Tellest newsletter.  He’s a somewhat scrupulous fellow who is tracking down people with powers and capturing them, though as of now, no one knows for sure why.

Of course, to track and capture a powered person, you need to have powers.  Since Devlin doesn’t have any innate abilities, he amasses magical equipment to help even those odds.

Among Devlin’s repertoire of equipment is his helmet, which lets him see through objects.  It works very well with the bracer he owns that expands into a shield.  Being able to see your target through a barrier is a huge boon to Devlin, and one he utilizes regularly.


Let’s shift over to offense, and look at the mythril spear that was meant to kill a mighty frost giant.

The entirety of Bolt and Keota’s quest in Lord of Thunder hinges on being able to craft a deadly spear that can puncture the icy chest of a frost giant that is endangering the lives of a struggling avarian people.  You can’t talk about the spear and not make it, so of course it ends up being forged.

Keota goes on to wield the impressive weapon, bringing it to bear against his enemies despite the dangers.

We’ve got one more Azot grab bag to show you next year, so stay tuned.  Enjoy the rest of 2017, and we’ll see you in an even more amazing 2018!

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