Children’s Sci-Fi Promo – Liam and Emma’s Earth School for Aliens: Spark’s First Day on Earth

Howdy folks!  I’m here with an Otherworld weekend update.  We have a huge week planned, so I figured I’d get ahead of it with an awesome sci-fi children’s book.  Beautiful and charming, Liam and Emma’s Earth School for Aliens: Spark’s First Day on Earth will definitely be a new favorite for your kids.

Natalie P. Gump has got a great little kid’s book that is quirky, charming, and delivers plenty of great messages. Liam and Emma’s Earth School for Aliens: Spark’s First Day on Earth celebrates cleverness and creativity, and it teaches kids things that they might not know as well.  Of course, it’s as much a learning experience for the alien, spark, who has a little bit of a rougher edge that Liam and Emma try to smooth out for him.  The book has beautiful illustrations, and readers will be enthusiastic to follow along.

When a somewhat rude little alien named Spark crashes his spaceship into a tree on Earth, he is seemingly disorientated and needing to find a way home. In awe of the country-side and a life he has never seen before, he soon finds Liam and Emma; two children both intelligent and creative who offer to help him. Of course, Spark needs to be taught how things on Earth work, as aliens tend to have little understanding of humanity!

The series is written for children between the ages of three and eight, using prose that makes this series ideal for early-readers, teaching them basic morals in understanding differences, compassion, communication, and how we Earthlings treat the environment around us. Included in each book are creative ‘how to’ tasks for kids to attempt in their own time, making it not only a good read but an interactive experience as well.

In the first book, ‘Spark’s First Day on Earth’, the new friends find each other in a meadow filled with insects, birds, butterflies and wild flowers, all of which Spark has not seen before. Liam and Emma are instantly made aware of Spark’s lack of manners when it comes to grabbing, hitting, and taking what’s not his. With noble hearts and their hands on their hips, the two friends guide Spark to realise his mannerisms – if he is to stay a while he will have to pay attention to his ways. With Liam’s intelligence and Emma’s creativity, along with the companionship from their Corgi dog, Lucky, Spark will soon learn just how wonderful life on Earth is. 

Gump does an excellent job putting together a book with lessons for children.  If you have children in your life, Spark’s first adventure on Earth is a good one to show to help explain manners, welcoming and warm behavior, and patience.  Don’t wait to pick up this charming new children’s book.  Check out Liam and Emma’s Earth School for Aliens: Spark’s First Day on Earth on Amazon today!

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