Urban Fantasy Promo – Vindico: I Am Liberation, I Am Punishment, and I Am Judgment

Greetings everyone, and welcome back to another Otherworld trip.  We’ve got a busy week ahead of us, with new stories, from Tellest and beyond.  Today, we’re looking at a massive mythological fantasy that is sure to blow your mind.  This is the incredible divine fantasy, Vindico: I Am Liberation, I Am Punishment, and I Am Judgment.

Alex McCann Johnson has been hard at work on the Vindico series for years, and now it has been repackaged in one expansive and amazing book.  Vindico: I Am Liberation, I Am Punishment, and I Am Judgment follows the symbol of hope that the world needs, the immortal, titular character, Vindico.  It’s a must read for those who want to see mythological fantasy blended together deftly with modern realism.

Since Vindico’s birth, many have risked their lives to save him. He carries a heavy destiny as the immortal’s last hope for an afterlife. Along his journey, he forms relationships with many who are each in their own unique battle with mortality.

Apollo, at the request of the gods, was sent to assist Vindico on his quest, and a challenging friendship ensues. Zirk is a suicide victim who has been cursed with immortality after his fatal fall, and he offers help as he looks to escape his curse. Logan, a kind-hearted mortal, is requested by Vindico to bring on a new age, even if it means going against the government. They all have one thing in common – Vindico’s choices will affect them forever.

When the war that every religion has predicted begins, mythological figures use our world as their battleground. Will humanity be lost, or will Vindico find a way to save both mortals and immortals? A unique blend of fantasy and reality, Vindico brings mythical beings to brilliant life and offers a new hero for the ages.

Johnson’s Vindico collection rebranded is a steal.  It’s a massive epic the likes of which readers won’t soon forget, and it’s one that’s hard to put down as well.  It’s ambitious and gripping along with being through-provoking and clever.  If you want to read an urban fantasy rooted in mythological lore with world-shattering stakes, this is the book for you.  Check out Vindico: I Am Liberation, I Am Punishment, and I Am Judgment on Amazon today!

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