Character Art – Zoe Hart

We’ve been lucky enough to work with a lot of different artists of different styles over the past two years.  Luck also had a lot to do with getting some of our later story characters some time in the spotlight.

One of those characters is Zoe Hart, a second generation hero who features in As Darkness Falls along with her brother (an awesome character, who as of yet has still not graced us with his presence) and her niece.  Zoe is such an integral character because, despite being someone for David Garus to ogle, she’s strong and dependable in her own right.

Of course, John Becaro’s distinctive style mostly focuses on the ogling.

ZOE Sketch Visibility

John started us off with a rough sketch so that we could see the idea of where he was going with the character.  Clearly he used June Jenssen’s artwork as his starting point.  Zoe’s outfit is very much in line with what it was in June’s work.  Of course, John’s piece utilizes more curves and provocative posing.

ZOE color flats

Some flat colors after that gave the second generation hero a little more character and presence.  She uses twin sais, but thus far we’ve only seen her wielding one.  Of course, this might have a lot to do with her chipper attitude!

ZOE byjohnbecaro

After that, John finished up with the detail, and put Zoe in a nice lush background.  She’s definitely a little more top-heavy than we would have expected, but it’s still a very well done piece.

We’ve got one more piece due from John Becaro.  Stay tuned for that!

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