Character Art – Lyla Brenna

Welcome, travelers.  Today we’re going to be spending a short while looking at one of our fan favorite characters, Lyla Brenna, as she’s been given new life by Wern Szuen Lee.

We don’t have too many full-body pictures of Lyla, and it was in style with what Wern was doing with a bunch of our other characters.  Because Lyla is so popular, we thought it would be a good opportunity for us to go down that same route with her.  He started us off with a black and white sketch that showed her in a sort of pensive pose.  Lyla is nothing if not strategic, so a look like this is pretty indicative of the kind of cool, collected feel that she would have.

Once we add a little bit of color to the character, you can start to see the resemblance to some of the older versions of the character art we’ve put together for her.  As always, we present her as a blade-wielding warrior (though she is also adept with a bow).  There are some little affectations that we had Wern add to the character, most notably the little trinket that hangs off the bottom of the scabbard.  While this is meant to be ornate, it can also be effective as a weapon.  Even if Lyla were to be disarmed, she still has another alternative at hand.

As we zoom in a little bit, and get a deeper dive into the details, we can see that we’re making our way to bringing parts of Lyla forward.  The sword is in front of the hands in one case, and we also brought up that the arm holding the handle looked as though it was at an odd angle.  In both cases, Wern made sure to make those corrections, as you’ll see a bit farther below.

Here we’re getting even further into the detail.  Wern likes to make his way down the character when he’s working on them.  So we can see a bit more detail along the hands here.  The pose seems a bit more natural, and you can see a bit more shading in places.  But in our final piece, you’ll get to see how he brings it all together.

Here we have Lyla showing up on a dangerous rocky cliff in a cloudy region.  Still cool as a cucumber.  We can see even more polish on all the pieces that Wern looked at, and we can see the jeweled part of the scabbard in its completed version.  It shows the sigil of Valtega, which is a nice reference that Wern was able to include.

That wraps us up in our look at Lyla, but we’ve got many more collaborations with Wern in store for you.  Be sure to check back here every Wednesday in order to see what new things we’ve got that we’re working on!

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