Character Art – Essex Cayne

Greetings!  Today, we’re looking at another one of Hozure’s awesome character pieces.  A while back (far back), we showed you Raithly Cayne, one of the initial villains of the Child of the Stars trilogy.  Now, we’ll take a look at his father, Essex.

We’ll start off with the poses.  Essex has a power that is similar to his son’s.  But while Raithly was able to teleport himself, Essex is able to teleport everything else.  As long as he’s touching it, whether it’s an object or a living being, he can line-of-sight teleport it.

Here’s a better look at this cool character.  He wears those blades on his back, but when he needs them, he summons them to his arms, thanks to that teleporting power he has.

Here’s our warrior in all his glory.  Thanks as always to Hozure for doing an amazing job!

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