Character Art – Catelyn and Basta

It is ridiculous how long I have been sitting on this artwork.  While we’ve seen Catelyn and Basta as represented by Barnswallow and Serathus.  But this artwork here was the first time that we saw these characters done up in such a way together from the get go.  I recruited x-Celebril-x, who always delivers awesome art, and they did not disappoint.

For the first time here, we see that Basta is, in fact, a werebear.  In theory, if you didn’t know who Basta was, you probably wouldn’t know that was him there anyway—just a random bear who is about to really mess stuff up.  And then we have Catelyn, looking like she’s walking away from an explosion like a badass, so, you know… Two awesome characters.

Once we add some color, we can see that the details are a little more clear.  This is a shot taken right in the midst of a naval battle, with flames in the background, illuminating these two heroes in some pretty cool ways.  Catelyn and Basta don’t mess around, folks.

The next step shows the artist getting rid of some of the muddier, flatter details and bringing it more to life.  These pirates aren’t just part of the background after all.  Catelyn is the first of the two characters to have a big glow-up, and you can see in her swagger that she’s got a lot of confidence that she’s bringing to the battle.

Next up, we see Basta start to get some love, with his fur and face getting a bit more detailed.  While his boss and lover is cool and collected, it looks like this werebear is about to cause some carnage.  Heck, maybe he already did!

In this final shot, we can see more details than ever, with every tuft of fur on Basta’s body feeling realistic and lifelike.  And of course, Catelyn pops because of her companion as well.  As I mentioned before, x-Celebril-x really nailed it, and I could not be happier with this piece.  It’s already impressed a lot of people, and turned into a Tellest poster that people really seem to respond to.  We’ll see if we can make more awesome art like this in the future.

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