Character Art – Bolt Thunderfury

Greetings travelers.  We’re here again today to look at one of the heroes of the Tellest universe, seen through the new lens of Wern Szuen Lee, who is fast becoming one of our most prolific partners.  We wanted to tackle the Tales of Tellest “all-stars”, that being the five heroes that sort of brought about this new phase that I’ve been working on since the end of the Child of the Stars trilogy.  So let us begin with Bolt Thunderfury, the adopted son of the dwarves of the Goldenscale Cliffs.

In our first look at Bolt, we sort of swung a little bit too old for the character.  We wanted to age him up a little bit, but we overthrew our aim.  Everything else looked great, and we were truly beginning to see a great look at this character coming together.

We overcorrected, then in the next iteration of the work-in-progress.  Bolt ended up going just a little too young here, but we at least were headed in the right direction.  Wern did an awesome job of bringing the character’s attire to life, jumping off from what we had seen in the works that Leo and Hozure had done with the character (among other artists who had a hand in his growth over the years).  One thing you’ll notice is that the hand position seemed a little janky.  That was a big focus leading us into the next step.

We aged Bolt up a bit more here, and Wern made some awesome polish updates to the attire.  We also, of course, see an update to the hand that makes it look a bit more comfortable, and we see the effects of the electric power coming together very nice here.  We are about halfway down Bolt’s body with the refinements to the piece here, and then of course the final pieces really make it come together.

There we go.  Our final look at Bolt really pops, because there have been some enhancements to the electrical powers he exhibits.  In fact, you can see that not only does he have a sort of shock orb in his hand, but the chakrams he keeps on his hip remain charged even when he’s not currently using them.  That’s one of the ways he keeps himself armed in combat.  Xena may have been good with her chakrams, but Bolt can do some pretty cool things with his as well.

That will wrap up our look at Bolt for today, but we’ll be looking at more heroes from the Tellest universe very soon.  Keep your eyes peeled!

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.