Character Art – Bixby Alladocious and Frederic D’Aprile

Greetings travelers!  It is my great privelege to show you a very cool art piece that we received from Wern Szuen Lee.  Typically, when we’re working on character art, we only show off one character at a time.  But in D’Aprile’s Fools, we put a lot of focus on the team.

At the head of that team are two partners, Bixby Alladocious and Frederic D’Aprile.  It felt criminal not to include both characters together, as they really are like the two dads of the group.  Frederic is an older man by appearance, but Bixby has a tremendous amount of experience and wisdom, and the two get along swimmingly, even with as strange as Bixby can be at times.  Wern captures their friendly relationship as early on as the sketches.

By the time we start to get into the coloring a bit, you can see things coming together very nicely.  Frederic has only been seen on the front cover of the book named after him, but Bixby’s been having opportunities to shine here and there for a few years now.  You can see right off the bad that his red, black and yellow ensemble is coming together nicely.

In this final picture of the two proud papas, the pair are just as welcoming of each other’s company as in the beginning.  More polish has been put into the design, and everything just ended up looking spectacular by the end of it.  When Frederic eventually rescues his wife, it’s going to be an odd situation meeting his new best friend, I’m sure.  A huge thank you to Wern for bringing this to life in such a wonderful way!

We’ve got plenty more from the world of Tellest, and from Wern in the future.  Be sure to come back this way and see what’s new, every week!

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Michael DeAngelo

Michael is the creator of the Tellest brand of fantasy novels and stories. He is actively seeking to expand the world of Tellest to be accessible to everyone.