Bonebiter Spiders

General description


Bonebiter spiders are thought to have been created by dark elves that live in the underworld, though various rumors also suggest that anyone with knowledge of the arcane arts and the necessary components can create the creatures.

There are also rumors that they have an affiliation with demons, which have a natural affinity toward the aether and the dark arts.


Physical Appearance and Biology

An amalgam of various gems and precious metals, bonebiter spiders are simultaneously a treasure hunter’s greatest find and most terrifying foe.  Their bodies are completely artificial.  Their carapace is solid gold.  Their mandibles are magically shaped diamonds.  Each of their legs is a misshapen pillar of quartz.  Their eyes are fashioned from large jewels.  They stare at their prey through spectrums of ruby, sapphire and emerald.

Despite the fact that the creature is constructed, and not bred, it still acts like a spider.  It has the ability to climb up walls thanks to an adhesive on its feet.  It also has a belly full of acid that can give it an advantage from a distance.

The jeweled eyes of a bonebiter spider are thought to have hypnotic powers, while the diamond mandibles are said to produce a chilling shriek when rubbed together.



General Personality


Based on their arcane nature, the spiders are typically bound to one area.  Every now and again, a spell can be miscast, and the creature will journey far beyond its set course, thanks to its natural curiosity.  Other than that, they are typical sentries.  They will attack anything that they see that isn’t considered one of its allies.


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