Art: Zachariah Concepts

I’m always glad for the elaborate cast of characters that I have. Some might see it as a little bit overbearing – how many other fantasy series have this level of character saturation that aren’t named A Song of Ice and Fire or Harry Potter?

But to me, these made up characters are just more friends in my deluded mind.  A lot of people struggle to make friends.  I actually make mine.  So to speak, I mean.

And while creating these artificial people and learning their fears, their desires and their histories is pretty fun, having some other artists to lean on for help crafting an image for them is pure bliss.

Today, we look at Zachariah Caista, brought to life by Joman in his signature style.  Zachariah is young and brash, and he’s this shining pinnacle of law enforcement in Atalatha.  As such, he has a pretty spectacular set of armor, and a shield to go with it.  We started with that in mind, and came up with our poses.

Zachariah Poses

While we really liked each of these poses, we felt that (2) was the one for us. It was more expressive and gave a nice look of the shield while letting Zachariah’s body show as well.


After that, we knew that we were going to get a nice Dynasty Warriors-esque character, especially with the overly large shield.

Zachariah Sketch

Those poses barely scratched the surface of what Joman had in mind for the character though.  I swear, he keeps getting more and more impressive with every character he creates. Zachariah was no different.


And then of course, we finished off the preliminary portion of the art process with the lineart:

Zachariah Lineart


Somehow, that black and white always looks so darn good!

We’ll be back next week with the lovely conclusion to the process, and a version of Zachariah that pops even more than this part!

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