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Greetings from Orlando!  Five days ago, I married the love of my life. We’re on our honeymoon now, in (hopefully) sunny Florida.  Today the plan is to spend all day at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where we’ll hopefully drink our weight in butterbeer.

I thought this would be a cute time to show some of the cool stuff that we used to get to the wedding.  First up, we have our wedding invitations, which Leo was awesome enough to help us fine tune.

Invites Visibility

Rhianna started us off with a quaint little sketch.  We went with the quill and parchment look because writing sort of brought us together.


After that, things were shipped off to Leo, who did an awesome job of cleaning things up.  Yep, we were married on October 17th (but it feels like we were together for decades by then).


We did ask Leo to tweak one little thing: the background!  While we were all about the sunset background he initially had, we wanted to show our love of books and the written word, so we had things altered a bit.  These served as our invitations, and once we tacked on all the information, it looked really, really cool!

Just a short one today, but we’ll be back next week with another cool wedding related piece we commissioned!

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