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Hello again from Orlando!  We’ve only got two more days left of our honeymoon, but we’re making the best of it.  Today we’re off to the beach or something (yeah, this was definitely written ahead of time!), but either way, I guarantee you we’ll be having fun.

We wanted to share one of our favorite bits of wedding related coolness today: our party favor.

It was important to us that our gifts to our guests be something that was practical and personal, and something that we really didn’t see so much before.  Rhianna came up with the cool idea of commissioning a bookmark from Leo, and he did not disappoint.

It all started off with a sketch or two from Rhianna:


After that, we shipped off the idea to Leo, who went through several steps to bring our creation to life.

Bookmark Bookmark2 Bookmark3 Bookmark4








At this point, things really started to come together.  You can see more clearly that our pets were part of the picture too.  This is more than just a picture, it’s a family portrait.  It’s a promise that we’ll always be there for each other.


And here we have the final piece.  Leo did some work on that fearsome beast called marriage, and spruced up some of the other components as well.


The other side of the bookmark has a little story that Rhianna put together:

And so our heroes embark on a lifelong adventure, emboldened by the love of family and friends, to face that fearsome beast known as “marriage.”

Through the great valleys of joy or the perilous storms of sorrow, they will stand strong together no matter where the path ahead leads.

We hope our guests liked them, and we hope you liked this little peek!

Oh, and it’s also the anniversary of my first date with Rhianna today. Happy Anniversary Rhi!

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