Art: Remembered in Gold Cover

So, by now you’ve seen the three parts of Remembered in Gold, because you love me, and it would make me sad if you didn’t read that story.  You’ve also probably seen the artwork that we had along with it.  That allows me to introduce you to our newest artist, Kimirra, from Russia, who did a phenomenal job with our pseudo-Indian culture of Lakmari.

I found Kimirra’s work on DeviantArt, and I really enjoyed the sepia-toned work that she was known for.  I thought it worked really well for short stories.  And to test that theory, we commissioned the “cover” for Remembered in Gold.

We started off, as always, with a sketch:





I knew that we were going to end up with something spectacular at this point.  She managed to make both the hero, Kunal, and one of the villains look so full of life and emotion.  But the finished version was even better than that.


Commission_Kunal_Cascadia Sized



You can’t really account for the awesome choice in clothing or style in the lineart, but Kimirra did a phenomenal job with the finished piece here.  She takes direction really well, and gave us our own ill-fated Prince of Persia-esque character.  Poor guy.  Although… is that the last time we’ll ever see Kunal?

Perhaps not.


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