Art – Jadie Rivers Figurine

It has been a very long time since we had the opportunity to share some awesome work from Hozure, but we’ve finally passed through April, and our big book reveal for May… it’s time to get back to brass tacks.

We still have a handful of awesome artwork to show you from our “figurine master,” but we’re focusing on a really special one today.  Since we’re currently doing our run of A Most Unusual Applicant, we thought this was especially fitting. We’re focusing on a character who was created outside of one of my books or stories. We’d like to give a special thanks to Aaron Canton, who created this awesome character.  Without further adieu, let’s see what Hozure did with Jaide Rivers:


Jadie Desaturated

One thing that I will say about these figurines is that their outfits are always one of the coolest things.  You can’t fully appreciate it, though, until you see it in full color.

8_Tellest Jadie_75Clear

Jadie always presents herself as ultimately very humble and reserved.  She doesn’t need to be seen as gaudy or ostentatious—instead she values what life presents to her.


And here you have the complete version, along with the expanded details.  I love the whole piece, from the dagger to the vines to her outfit.  Hozure did an awesome job with Jadie, and I’d like to again thank Aaron for providing us with such an incredible character to begin with!

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