Art: Alicia by Bea Gonzalez

Boy do we have a treat for you today.  A few months back, we began working with an excellent artist by the name of Bea Gonzalez.  Her work is amazing, and we have the proof to show that to you.

It all started with a sketch of Alicia Mane.Alicia Sketch

Her sketch has a very rustic look to it that I really love.  Bea took phenomenal care to make sure our character looked truly impressive as well.

Alicia WIP


Although all of her art looks spectacular, I think she saved some of her best for us.  Alicia looks amazing in this work-in-progress piece.  She did an excellent job with the lighting and the effects.  I actually had a hard time believe that this wasn’t the final piece.

But, Bea surprised us again.

Alicia Complete


The lighting was modified even further, and some extra care was taken to express the material (like the buttons and the fabric).  This is one of my favorite pieces that we’ve had done – I hope you enjoyed it too!

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Michael DeAngelo

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