Urban Fantasy Promo – Foresthill: Children of the Night

Well hello there!  Occasionally, I have the awesome opportunity to promote people’s work multiple times on their runs to success.  We’ve worked with M. Dutchy twice before on her Foresthill series, and as she moves forward with more books in the saga, we’re giving her second promo a bit of a refresh, and also preparing an interview to be released soon.  Keep your eyes open for that, but in the meantime, check out the promo for Foresthill’s second book, below.

Author M. Dutchy had the grand task of slowly unveiling the truth to her heroine, Detective Vicky Smithton, in her debut occult fantasy, Foresthill: A New Beginning.  Now, with many of the secrets laid out bare for Vicky, she’s learned of her powers and her potential.  Still, Foresthill is a dark place, and it demands respect.  Her stellar sequel, Foresthill: Children of the Night, embraces the darkness, and pits Vicky against even more sinister forces.  Dutchy manages to bundle a whole new set of exciting secrets into this release as well, and it will have readers on the edge of their seats.

Two young girls come looking for Detective Vicky Smithton. During the investigation, Vicky learns that the darkness is kidnapping children. What does the darkness want from these children? And why so many?

With her nan in a coma and Liam fighting for custody of his daughters in Boston, Vicky asks Lisa Williams and the FBI for help. While investigating, Vicky comes across secrets, challenges, and magical beings.

Victoria Smithton is a young detective in a small town. She is half-vampire, half-witch. Her grandmother raised her under the protection of the Fairy Queen because half-bloods or half-breed are forbidden. Recently she learned that her family is more than just witches after she had to pull off powerful magic to send her grandmother’s stepsister from killing people. She did this with help of her new partner, Lieutenant Liam Williams.

Even in the darkness that continues to encroach on Vicky’s town, she learns so much more in this sequel.  Dutchy set the pieces in motion in the first book in the franchise, but now she explores the farther reaches of Vicky’s world, and it will keep readers guessing.  Fans of mysteries and eerie occult fantasies will not want to miss this follow-up.  Check out Foresthill: Children of the Night on Amazon today!

Also, Dutchy is running a giveaway for her book on Goodreads right now, so pop over there for your chance to win a free copy of Foresthill: Children of the Night!

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