Urban Fantasy Promo – Blessings of the Firebird’s Light: The Firebird’s Blessings Saga: Book 1

Greetings fantasy fans!  Last week was a pretty hectic week for the Otherworld, where we had a stop each and every day.  This one will be a somewhat quieter week, but we’re still starting it off right with a great pseudo-Urban Fantasy.  Read on to discover more about Blessings of the Firebird’s Light.

Rose S. King is an author who writes with a flair of poetry from the beginning of her story to the very last page.  In her debut story, Blessings of the Firebird’s Light: The Firebird’s Blessings Saga: Book 1, the pacing is mesmerizing, and the world almost seems to fall in place around it.  Even if that weren’t the case, King develops interesting worlds all on their own.  It’s a curious juxtaposition of fantasy and reality that feels both familiar and like a breath of fresh air.  Her characters are bound to leave a mark on readers of the story as well, as they both shine.

Audry Duvessa is a witch. Her world is turned upside down after she finds a note from her late mother. The message instructs her to embark on a perilous quest to search for the firebird of legends.

To complicate matters, Audry is being hunted by Roei Shurwud. Roei is a hunter who finds dark creatures and destroys them to protect the light. His faith in God drives his resolve.

Despite the fact these two enemies are from different worlds, Audry and Roei eventually clash and realize finding the firebird is only a distraction from the dark threat looming over both their worlds. This forces them to set aside their differences in a true test of faith.

King is impressive in her work, as she’s not just developing one world for her characters to play in here, but multiple ones in this saga.  It’s a grand and entertaining undertaking, and ones that fans of fantasy will no doubt enjoy, with Christian fantasy lovers enjoying it even more so.  With the second book already available for purchase, and the third book in the series releasing later this week, there’s never been a better time to pick up this book.  Check out Blessings of the Firebird’s Light: The Firebird’s Blessings Saga: Book 1 on Amazon today!

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Michael DeAngelo

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