Promo – The Witch’s Agenda: A Student Planner & Agenda For Those Who Prefer A Touch of Magic

Howdy folks!  Here at Tellest, we’re often looking at fantasy books as they pertain to literature, as we’re primarily looking at stories.  Every now and again, we find some projects that step a little outside the typical, and we feel they’re interesting and appealing.  Case in point, today’s enchanting book, The Witch’s Agenda.

If you’re methodical and measured, but creativity and magic bring you pleasure, The Witch’s Agenda: A Student Planner & Agenda For Those Who Prefer A Touch of Magic is made for you.  It’s a massive planner that will help you track your tasks and your studies, and it is gorgeous to boot.  Playful and fun, it makes for a great way of cataloging all the things that you have for the year, and piques the curiosity of people who are interested in wizards, witches and the occult.  It helps turn every day into a special day.

This witchcraft student agenda and planner comes packed in over 600 pages with fully customizable daily, weekly and monthly pages—so witches of any age can start the planner going in any month! Plus, it includes unique ritual & spell pages, crystal & gem tracking pages, journal pages, sketch pages and so much more! It’s a witchcraft themed organizer, planner and agenda all-in-one, and has 12-full mystical months of planning pages (including daily, weekly and monthly pages for a full year) that are conveniently setup to make it easy to keep track of important tasks for school (for kids) or every day life for youth and adult witches alike. There are even spaces for tracking daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks and appointments, plus there are plenty of notes sections to keep track of important information.

We’ve even included spots for listing your daily, weekly and monthly mantras, affirmations and manifestation goals! Spell and ritual pages track moon phases, ingredients and so much more. And, the Crystal and Gems pages help witches keep track of their various gemstones and crystals. Additionally, we’ve included sketch and journaling pages, so witches can be as creative as they want to be! Recommended for ages 13+. Makes a great gift for any practicing witch!

With illustrations by Gregory Allen Brown that make the book come to life, this is a book that you’ll want to crack open each and every day.  This early in a new school year, it’s a perfect time to pick up this awesome agenda planner, which is perfect for anyone who wants a little magic in their life.  Check out The Witch’s Agenda: A Student Planner & Agenda For Those Who Prefer A Touch of Magic on Amazon today!

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