Urban Fantasy Promo – The Jaguar Key

Happy new week to you, fans of fantasy.  We’ve got a special little treat for you today, in the form of an award-winning urban fantasy. The Jaguar Key: Rosamond Eternal is a very well put together tale that spans centuries.  Author Katherine Starbird has hand plenty of time to work on her craft, and it shows in this stellar first story.  Did I mention it won the 2014 Royal Palm Literary Award?

Rather than let that dictate whether or not you’d find it a fun read, I’ll let Starbird sell you with her wonderfully chosen words:

“A goddess with man trouble, stalkers and secrets.”



Rosamond has a secret: she’s a jaguar shapeshifter hiding from an eternal stalker. Rosamond wants to live an ordinary human life, but the Eternals have other plans. Her boyfriend leaves. Her friends betray her. And Gideon the Dragon demands that she use her ability to cross the planes of death and trap a powerful god in the afterlife–a god to whom Rosamond owes a debt of loyalty. To top it all, a psychopathic sorcerer poisons her with his dark magic. Someone is behind the chaos, but who? And why target her?

Will Rosamond unravel the hidden mysteries before the sorcerer’s lethal spell runs it course?

“The author weaves a rich tapestry of vivid images, powerful emotions, and intrigue into an action-packed fantasy that I couldn’t put down. She takes you deep into an ethereal world created from the earthiness of tradition and nature, born of blood and lust. Truly spellbinding!”


If you’re interested in Rosamond Eternal, you can find the book on Amazon, here.  And as I’m sure you’ll be interested to read up more on Starbird, you can find her website here as well.

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