Urban Fantasy Promo – Grace Discovered

Hey there!  This is the kind of week that is going to stick to my memory for months if not years to come.  We’ve got a collection of fantastic books that are coming your way over the next few days, and an abbreviated week to show them on.  So what do you get?  A second book today!  Below, we’ll take a look at a spectacular Urban Fantasy, Grace Discovered.  Hold onto your seat.

Emmaline Givens has given such love and care to her debut Urban Fantasy, Grace Discovered.  Her characters are a delight, and the scenarios that she builds around them are amazing.  And though her story is set in a world that is familiar to the reader, she makes much of it her own, twisting and shaping it to reveal strange new mysteries.  As the tale unfolds at a steady pace, you’ll be glad to be along for the ride.

A young woman returns to her family farm following the death of her grandmother. After meeting her handsome neighbor with a dark past of his own, her life is quickly turned upside down. Soon strange things begin to happen, and secrets are revealed. Her search for answers uncovers a family history of centuries-old magic, supernatural forces and ancient prophecies. As she gets closer to the truth, she finds herself in a battle not only for her freedom, but for her life.

Grace Discovered is a fresh take on shapeshifting contemporary fantasy.  Givens rises to the task and delivers a captivating tale that sidesteps storyline beats that are tread too often.  Readers will enjoy the twists and turns the story takes them on.  And with the sequel just around the corner (releasing in June of 2021), there’s never been a better time to check out Givens’s awesome debut.  Check out Grace Discovered on Amazon today!

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