Fantasy Promo – The Prison Stone: The Red Horn Saga Book 1

Howdy folks!  The Otherworld has been calling to us for weeks now, and we’ve ventured to nearly every portal into different genres that you can think of.  But what happens when the Otherworld gets completely overloaded with genres and you end up being struck by all of them at once?  You get the brilliant Red Horn Saga series by J.R. Mabry and Mickey Asteriou, which are going to consume your life before you know it!

The Prison Stone starts akin to many other fantasy stories you might have read before.  But this tale is different.  Besides the two talespinners’ beautifully crafted prose, their interestingly developed characters, and their lavishly devised lore, there are twists and turns that you couldn’t begin to expect.  Mixing elements of high fantasy, steampunk, eldritch horror and space opera, The Red Horn Saga is unlike anything you’ve experienced before, and it is definitely something you’ll tear through at breakneck speed.

Only one thing keeps an ancient evil at bay. And now that thing is gone…

Through the power of the Prison Stone, the summoners succeeded in banishing the Dark Lord from the Universe. Lost for a thousand years, the Stone has once more been found…

The life of a gentle haffolk is thrown into chaos when he is chosen to carry the Stone from one dwarf world to another. But when the Stone is stolen, his every hope is dashed…

An angry prince, humiliated by this father the King, raises his hammer over the Stone, intent on releasing the ultimate power—a power that will prove his father wrong, a power that will raise him to the place of honor he deserves, a power that will mean the doom of every living thing…

The Prison Stone is the first book in the Red Horn Saga, an epic fantasy that skillfully blends high fantasy, steampunk, Cthulu, and space opera. The magic is unpredictable, the spaceships run on coal, and no power known to dwarf, elf, or man can stop the carnage. Only a hero small enough can save us now.

Prepare to be swept away into a universe filled with magic. Buy The Prison Stone today!

Mabry and Asteriou have struck gold, nay platinum, with this incredible and delightful read.  They turn every idea of a stellar fantasy read on its head, and it wouldn’t be surprising if this is the bar with which you hold other epics in the future.  With more books on the horizon, now is the best time to dive in and enjoy The Red Horn Saga.  Check out The Prison Stone: The Red Horn Saga Book 1 on Amazon today!

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