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Howdy folks.  Welcome back to another trip to the Otherworld.  I felt, going into 2018, like this was going to be Tellest’s best year yet, and it has been in a lot of ways.  For one, we’ve had the opportunity to consistently bring other awesome authors and their stories to the forefront.  Week after week, we’ve been lucky enough to show off great fantasy tales, and today is no different.

S. T. Sanchez is no stranger to great writing.  Her book Sunwalker is highly reviewed on Amazon, and her newest fantasy tale, The Portal Keeper, isn’t far behind.  There’s nothing but 4 and 5 star praise, so it’s no wonder her books are picking up steam.  It helps to have great characters who have real depth to them, and develop soundly as the story progresses.  The Portal Keeper is written beautifully, and the world is one you want to get lost in.  You’d be forgiven if you thought that Sanchez had been launching books for nearly a decade by now.  Read on to see more about this interesting tale.

The Portal Keeper

A shadow of shame has fallen over the once proud Maxwell family, and only their faithful son Ajax, can restore honor to their name. He is tasked with guarding a mysterious portal, the existence of which only a few people outside the King are aware. A prophecy warns of a danger to come, as the new keeper, Ajax fears he will let everyone down.

When the Prince of Rastella comes to visit the portal for the first time, accompanied by Ajax’s childhood friend Nivara, disaster strikes! In an accident, the Prince falls into the portal and Ajax knows that it’s up to him to venture in and get him back. 

With the knowledge that nobody who has entered it has ever returned, Ajax and Nivara leap through the portal to try to save the Prince. He discovers a world full of magic and fantastic creatures, in an adventure that will test him to his limits, and leave him wondering if he will ever get home.

At just 99 cents, this adventure is affordable, and at over 300 pages, it’s robust enough to really dig into the world Sanchez created.  That said, you’re sure to race through this story, eagerly awaiting the follow up.  Sanchez is a diligent worker, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long.  Check out The Portal Keeper on Amazon today!

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