Dark Fantasy Book Promo – Hollow: Chronicles of Sarin

Hi there everyone!  We’ve got a really cool read for you today, courtesy of author T. L. Wright.  He’s invested a decent amount of time into his world, the dark and gritty Sarin.  Hollow: Chronicles of Sarin is a little darker than most of the fantasy that we see presented on Tellest through the Otherworld, but I feel like that’s actually a nice little breath of fresh air.  Check it out:





Besieged and starving, the ancient city of Hollow is about to break under the weight of the Icarian Empire. Altus, a young soldier of the Empire eager to become a hero, seizes the opportunity to join a covert mission to assassinate Hollow’s King. But the arrival of a mysterious sorcerer bearing revelations of treachery within the Empire shatters everything that Altus believes in, while the freeing of an ancient evil threatens to devour them all.

Hollow is the first in a series of dark and gritty tales set in the mythological world of Sarin where gods and mortals struggle for ultimate power.


Wright’s story moves forward at a brisk pace, and before you know it, you’re reaching the end of the story.  Luckily, he leaves it open for a follow-up, which I’m looking forward to.  You can find him on Amazon, and sign up for updates when he’s published his latest works.

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