Art: Fe’Pavi Sprite

We’ve got some new sprite work coming to you to start off the art section of Tellest’s New Year.  We’re hoping to get you some more information about what this is and why we’re doing it in the next few weeks or so.  For now, just enjoy the view.

Today’s sprites are for a kaja character named Fe’Pavi.  She is a character that is in the same story as Benton, which obviously is yet to see the light of day.

This commission had a few weird twists and turns, and it might still not truly be over.

Fe'Pavi 2

We’ll start once again with some of the ground work in place.  This isn’t much, but it gave Chris, our sprite artist something to work with alongside the other three sprites.

Fe'Pavi 3

With a little more detail, you can see that the character has some feline features, like a tail and some pointed ears.  At this point, we thought that Chris was using our kaja concept art as a basis.

Fe'Pavi 4

Little bit more detail, and we were still waiting to see if that staff was going to be replaced with something a little more apt for a thief, which Fe’Pavi fits into.

Fe'Pavi 5

Once color was added, we knew that there was a slight miscommunication.  Fe’Pavi was supposed to be almost calico colored, and this is quite clear that the reference art and the intended finished product were confused somewhat.  This is definitely what Kaiyonani would look like if she was a sprite!

Fe'Pavi 6

Chris did a wonderful job making the necessary changes to the color and the weapon, though at this point, we’re still not sure that we’re going to use Fe’Pavi as the final name and character here.  We’re able to get away with a change like that, and we hope to show you why soon enough!

Fe'Pavi 7

There was one final change.  Her hand initially looked a little like a lobster claw, and this modification made her look a little more dainty.

Fe'Pavi 7 Sized

Here’s our kaja warrior resized so you can the details a little better.


The first wave of these sprites is almost done.  We’re very excited to show you the next one, a character that is no doubt familiar to you!

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