Ancient Sigil – Shandranar

Hey there everyone!  We’re down to our second to last sigil from this set, and I think you’ll agree that this one is a fun one.  We needed a symbol to show off the Icarus storyline in the Tellest Visions art book, and Shandranar, the floating continent that he came from, seemed like the surest bet for that.  So we were left with a gorgeous new sigil.

Shandranar, as I’ve mentioned, was a huge floating island in ancient Tellest history.  It was the home of Icarus Callatuil and his family, and a mecca for many of the elves of the planet.  It was also the bastion of protection for the wind crystal, which was also responsible for the flight of the mighty island.

Shandranar’s iconography marries a lot of different tenets.  It displays the floating island itself, as well as a tree, denoting the elves affinity for nature.  Finally, it shows the wind crystal in the boughs of the tree, demonstrating that a certain harmony is required for everything to work in order.

The Shandranarian tapestry feels strange to behold.  Since Shandranar doesn’t exist anymore, this serves as either a point of pride, or a long forgotten memory.  Perhaps it existed in some distant place as a keepsake to an elf who once visited the floating continent.

While there are only a few old residents of Shandranar that we have seen (or their distant descendants), it doesn’t seem like we’d see this tapestry put to use as a battle standard anytime soon.  The old ethereal-winged tribe of elves have likely integrated into other sects as the world spread them apart.

Here we have a more traditional canvas flag.  It looks like something you might find in an old, buried chest somewhere, although if a character found it in Tellest’s modern era, it probably wouldn’t have held up this well.

Anyone who could remember the ancient sigil might be able to reproduce it.  Maybe that’s what we have here in this case with the painted version.  Perhaps someone is trying to send someone a message to another survivor of that bygone era…

And of course, no sigil post would be complete without an phone background version!

We’re down to our last sigil, which we’ll show halfway through next month.  Keep your eyes peeled!

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