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Fantasy Book Promo – The Circles of Light: and the three realms

Happy new week, friends of fantasy!  We’ve got a treat for you today, in the form of up-and-comer A.D.S. Jannece and his new book, The Circles of Light: and the three realms.  Jannece has done his part by meticulously honing his craft for the past twelve years.  You can see it in the world he’s poured his heart into – The Circles of Light is an interesting literary universe, one that the author has invested himself in fully.


Ruk and Keira, the first two humans to set foot on the Grand Circle of Light – a utopian world created by the god Luel and made up of what are known as Circles of Light.

It is here that they meet a race of angels whose logical minds best serve to teach everything there is to know about circles of light and how they interact with one another in perfect harmony.

However, the logical minds of the angels come up against Ruk and Keira’s compassion when it is decided that the angels are to capture the one and only elusive creature in the land – a unicorn.

It is after this decision that events begin to unfold, showing Ruk and Keira that behind the positive, utopian beauty of the grand circle of light, lies a shadow unknown to them… one that has waited to reveal itself.


With two more books planned by 2017, there’s never been a better time to invest in the world of The Circles of Light.  Jannece has just established some tried and true fans of his work, and with luck, you’ll be in that group as well.  If you’re interested in this first book in the trilogy, check it out on Amazon. For more from the author, and the world, don’t forget to look at the website, The Circles of Light.

Fantasy Book Promo – Anais of Brightshire

Every now and then you get to step closer to greatness, and in my case, I’m working with Jamie Wilson to promote the first book of her series, Blood Mage Chronicles.  Anais of Brightshire is the beginning of an excellent coming-of-age story that explores what happens when curiosity and magic mix.  Anais is a wonderful character, and she meets up with a small ensemble that you’ll grow to love as well. Best of all, this first story in the volume, while short, is free.



Anais, the eleven-year-old daughter of a fishmonger, enters the Great House of Brightshire as a scullery maid. Isolated from her peers, she fears a life of solitude and menial chores. The only person who shows her any kindness is a scribe, who offers to teach her how to read in exchange for her help in acquiring goods at fair prices in the market. When she discovers a manuscript describing the art of magic on a routine trip to the market, she can’t help but feel tempted to try it, even though magic is strictly prohibited. Giving in to temptation, she starts spending her hours practicing simple spells for her own amusement, but when one of the girls from the kitchens goes missing – amidst rumors of monsters rising in the south and devouring townspeople – Anais decides to use her new skills to find the missing girl. In her search, she befriends the Lord of Brightshire’s youngest son, Cedric, and his cousin Mediera. Finally having friends she cares for is great, but practicing illegal magic and fraternizing with those above her station puts Anais in more danger than she can handle.


Jamie Wilson shows her stripes as an author with the amount of work that she’s delivered recently.  If you’re looking for a story that will introduce you to a great new fantasy series, you need look no further.  Check our the first book, Anais of Brightshire, here.  And whe you’re ready to find out more about Wilson, do look at her website as well.

Fantasy Book Promo – Shadow Dragon

Just in time for a great deal, we’ve got a fantasy promo for you from bestselling author Marc Secchia.  His young adult epic, Shadow Dragon, is usually $3.99, but he’s dropping it down to 99 cents from March 27th until April 3rd in anticipation of his new title.

Shadow Dragon is one of the most popular fantasy books on Amazon, and it is easy to see why.  He has excellent characters, intricately woven story elements, and wonderfully crafted sequences of events.  Oh, and awesome, dynamic dragons.


Chameleon Shapeshifters, uncontrollable storm powers, and the rise of Sylakia’s Dragon-elite. The battle against evil scales new heights, but the price of victory grows ever dearer.

Once, a Shadow Dragon ravaged the Island-World. Insatiable. Unstoppable. A Dragon-killer. Now the Shadow Dragon has reappeared, on a collision course with Aranya and King Beran’s campaign to liberate the Islands from the scourge of Sylakian tyranny. He is dark, beautiful and deadly, a predator of untold power.

Meantime, Thoralian weaves his web of guile and betrayal right in the hearts of Aranya’s friends and allies. He will bring them to an encounter only he can win.

Incredible aerial battles. An Ancient Dragon bent on enslaving Aranya. The treacherous secrets of Dragon magic. This is the fight for which destiny has shaped a heroine of rare courage–Aranya, Princess of Immadia. Criminal. Shapeshifter Dragon. A woman who will confront evil at any cost. Spite her at your peril.


There’s never been a better time to pick up Shadow Dragon, especially with the new book coming soon.  Aranya is a heroine worth rooting for, and you can read his sprawling epic right now.

Marc also has a whole set of other books that are worth looking at, and you can find information on all of them at his website.  In the meantime though, do yourself a favor and pick up Shadow Dragon while he’s offering it at a bargain price.  The link is here.

Fantasy Book Promo – Phantasia

I love the juxtaposition of different genres.  When you find out that the world that you’re in, which feels like it is some kind of biblical era, is actually the future.  Or when you throw a little bit of urban in your fantasy.  My personal favorite is medieval superheroes, but I’m a little biased there.

Riyadad Ullah has set forth with an excellent tale with Phantasia, a future fantasy epic.  His writing is exemplary, his storytelling a well-honed craft, and it shows with this journey into the magical world that he found.

His book is a sprawling fantasy epic mixed with science fiction elements, and a fantastic cast of characters. It echoes shades of Dune and Lord of the Rings, but at the same time is its own story with a unique voice, setting, and plot. The author doesn’t try to hide his use of common tropes, and instead, puts a unique twist on each of them.


After finding the body of a dragon in a metallic desert, Red finds out that he is the reincarnation of a messiah worshiped by an insectoid alien race bent on invading his star system. Swept into a dangerous adventure across glacial swamps, cloud cities, and dead stars — Red must evade his true purpose in the world, to summon a forsaken deity trapped in another realm.

Phantasia keeps readers engaged throughout, with plot twists and new elements that never stop surprising you.

You can find Riyadad’s excellent new tale here on Amazon.  You can also reach out to him on his Facebook page.

Fantasy Book Promo – Saphora vol. 1: Retention

How cool would it be to be a superhero?  How amazing would it be to fly from one point on the Earth to another?  Saphora by Jaz Johnson entertains these thoughts, but it also goes behind the curtain, and shows the struggles of the person behind the powers. You see, Saphora is not entirely unlike our favorite Kryptonian. Jettisoned from her planet, her true origins are lost to her.  She has found peace on Earth, except for the encroachment of Tebias, who seeks to return her to her ancestral home.

Johnson has lovingly crafted a story for Saphora, and one that seems eager to continue being told.  She’s even got a second character from her Athena universe who is making waves.  Her words will explain the beginning of the saga better than I could:


Saphora Cover


Launched from an escape pod by the hands of her desperate mother and queen of the Kiran kingdom in attempts to save her only child from an approaching war, our protagonist Saphora finds herself on Earth, plagued with amnesia. Taken in by an ordinary woman, Saphora attends therapy in attempts to regain her memory. All while constantly discovering new abilities. But she wasn’t the only one to visit Earth. A man has been sent from the enemy lines to assassinate Saphora while she is vulnerable. But handicapped as she is, she fights back, learning that she is the only thing standing in the way of the kingdom falling. With the costs mounting, can Saphora find a way to save the planet that fostered her and her kingdom?


If Saphora sounds like the kind of heroine that you can get behind, check out the first book in the series, Retentionhere.  And for more from the prolific Miss Johnson, including her stellar books, check out her website.

Fantasy Book Promo – Adam Sealon and the Dragon’s Egg

Hi everyone!  It’s not often that we get stories with very unique prose here from Otherworld, but today we’ve got a doozy for you. When’s the last time you’ve seen an entire fantasy story expressed solely through poetic structure?

Author Brian Singh manages to craft it nicely with his short story, Adam Sealon and the Dragon’s Egg.  With its clever rhyming scheme, this tale is a great way for families to introduce two genres, fantasy and poems, to children.




Adam Sealon has lied his way into a new adventure. Except this time he meets a hungry dragon and a strange magician down the road. What’s more, he later encounters an evil creature known as a Nark, and then realizes that his destiny is about to unfold.


Folks love the Nark, and the clever little story as a whole.  If you’re interested in Singh’s tale, check it out on Amazon.  You can also find the book and the author on social media, including Twitter and Facebook.  We’ve even got him on Instagram!  We’re looking forward to seeing more from him in the future!